It’s the middle of autumn, which is one of the most popular times for engagement sessions.  The weather is gorgeous, the fall colors are starting to pop, and everyone is starting to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Speaking of feeling all warm and fuzzy, meet Samantha & Nate, who are signing up for a lifetime of warm and fuzzies next June. 🙂  We recently met up to do some engagement photos around a gorgeous park in Central Jersey.  When I asked  them in advance what is their ideal photo of the two of them, Samantha said “A picture of us laughing and having fun together!” What do you think, guys? I think we nailed it!  Here are my favorites from our time togethers… Enjoy!



When I first met Rachel and Tristan earlier this spring for their engagement session, I immediately knew something was different about them. What they have together is very real, very tangible, very palpable.  You can almost feel their love for each other in your soul. This sounds pretty crazy, I know! If you know them, then you, too, know exactly what I mean.

Their wedding day finally arrived after a very busy spring, and it was held this past July at the lovely Riverdale Manor in Lancaster, PA. The day started out with lots of energy and laughter at a perfect little apartment they rented for their wedding weekend. Rachel is a very talented opera singer, as are many of her friends, and the prep was filled with arias and musical poetry as they all took turns serenading each other. It was pretty awesome for my ears to witness!

Rachel and Tristan had an emotional first look at Riverdale before their tearful and sweet ceremony.  I say tearful because Tristan’s words to Rachel in his vows made the entire place shed some tears, including myself. Towards the end of the ceremony their bridal party and a few other guests sang to them in what can only be described as heavenly. The chills up the spine continued!

And continued again they did, as the reception and party started. Throughout the night as these two souls danced together, their eyes locked on each other, it made me realize that they may be the most perfect couple, completely made for each other. It has been an honor documenting this time in their young lives for them, witnessing this relationship. Thank you to Rachel and Tristan! Mazel Tov!


riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-1riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-2riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-3riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-4riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-5riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-6riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-7riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-8riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-9riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-10riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-11riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-12riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-13riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-14riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-15riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-16riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-17riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-18riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-19riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-20riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-21riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-22riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-23riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-24riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-25riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-26riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-27riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-28riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-29riverdale-manor-wedding-lancaster-photographer-danette-pascarella-photography-30Some of Rachel & Tristan’s other vendors include:

Make-up – Josephine Love

Florist – Katelyn Kiehl of Forte Florals PA

Officiant – Rabbi Binyamin Biber

Videographer – Justin Chan of Valley Creek Productions

DJ – Matt Stegall of Central Pennsylvania DJs


Next up! Meet Georgia and Mike, who married on Saturday on the Moshulu, which is docked on the Delaware River in Philadelphia, PA.  They are a super sweet couple and it was a pleasure photographing their (very hot!) wedding day.  Here are few of my favorite teasers.


Wedding season is in full force! I had another double header last weekend, and it started with Gina & Jon on Friday. Here are a few teasers to keep you glued to your screens until I am able to blog again!


Part 2 of my double header: Alicia & Alex! They hosted a gorgeous ceremony and reception at the lovely Terrain at Styers in Glen Mills, PA.  There was the threat of Hurricane Hermine for days leading up to their wedding, but the weather gods must have listened to their prayers, because it was the most glorious late summer day. Ever. 🙂


This past weekend I had a double header, and they were both a great kickoff to the fall weddings ahead. First off is a few teasers from Lauren and Jeff, who married at Our Lady of Sorrows in South Orange, NJ. They followed that up with a reception of funzies at the Crystal Plaza in Livingston, NJ. Here are a few sneak peeks!


The Estate at Florentine Gardens in River Vale, NJ was the scene for Mariel and Eric’s July 4th wedding.  I could tell you about my experience photographing these two newlyweds, but wouldn’t you rather hear about the day from them? Me too!  Let’s see how they met, how he proposed, and what their most memorable moments were from their wedding day:

Their story, as told in their own words…

“Eric & I met at University of Delaware by crossing paths at parties and at weekly UDance meetings. UDance is a dance marathon that supports the B+ Foundation, which is an organization that raises funds to help those with pediatric cancer—an organization still near and dear to our hearts. Our good friend encouraged me to “give Eric a chance”. From then on, we developed an incredible bond that grew and lasted through post-graduation years. In 2014 we moved in together, and about a year later Eric was down on one knee proposing in our apartment! He cooked me dinner and right away was hungry for dessert. Now I know why—the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream carton said “Mariel, Will You Marry Me?” Of course I said yes, and we got right to work planning our Big Day.

When the day finally came, we were both surprisingly calm. (Even when I had to wait for Eric for our first look, since men apparently take longer to get ready!) We loved being surrounded by family and friends who traveled near and far. Danette captured both beautiful and silly moments from the day, which is awesome since now we can re-live this special occasion for years to come!

We had an intimate first look where we read special notes to one another.  Another one of our favorite memories was doing the hora, since it was the first time we could truly process seeing all the guests that were there to celebrate our marriage. It was surreal. Another favorite memory was when Mariel was standing with her parents before walking down the aisle; she was filled with butterflies. Eric loved our ceremony, especially being able to break the glass successfully on the first try. Our night ended with an energetic dance party with all of our friends!”

Thank you Mariel and Eric for sharing your story!!  What a day it was.  And now it’s my turn to share my favorite moments from their wedding day. Enjoy!


Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-1Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-2Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-3Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-4Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-5Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-6Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-7Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-8Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-9Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-10Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-11Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-12Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-13Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-14Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-15Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-16Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-17Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-18Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-19Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-20Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-21Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-22Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-23Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-24Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-25Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-26Wedding at Florentine Gardens_NJ Photographer_Danette Pascarella Photography-27

Mariel & Eric’s other vendors include:

Hair & Make Up – Glamorous by Jennifer Rose

Wedding Dress – Pronovias from L’Fay Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses – Watters from Bella Bridesmaids

Tuxedos – Groomsmes: Men’s Wearhouse; Eric’s from Rothman’s in NYC

Wedding Coordinator – Denise Downing from Florentine Gardens

Videographer – LVL 13 Cinematography

Cake Artist – The caterer: Allan Janoff from Crystal Plaza (Kosher)

Band – The Groove Shop