The Voorhees Chapel at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ was the backdrop for the ceremony of Julia and Tom one week before Christmas. Not only did they exchange vows there, but this iconic chapel was the same place Julia’s parents married decades earlier. Julia and Tom are one of the sweetest couples I had the pleasure of working with in 2015. Best friends in high school, they eventually fell in love and now their chemistry and love for each other is so tangible you can almost taste it. And I’m not just saying that. Couples like Julia and Tom are what keep me going.:)

Their warm-and-fuzzy-it’s-almost-Christmas reception was held at another NJ University! This one being the Atrium at STEM, which is part of Kean University in Union. Toasts, dancing, cheesecake pops, and even more dancing rounded out their wedding day, and now they live happily ever after. Best of luck to Julia and Tom!

Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-1Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-2Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-3Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-4Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-5Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-6Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-7Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-8Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-9Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-10Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-11Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-12Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-13Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-14Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-15Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-16Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-17Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-18Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-19Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-20Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-21Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-22Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-23Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-24Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-25Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-26Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-27Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-28Voorhees Chapel Wedding_New Jersey Wedding Photographer-29

The Bouman-Stickney Farmstead in Hunterdon County, NJ was the scene for the sweet and intimate wedding of Leigh & Joe, who married this past September on a beautiful fall afternoon. This particular location was especially meaningful, as Leigh used to volunteer there and her father Peter helped build the barn where these two recited their vows and then had their first dance. I loved this venue and the feel of it…future brides, check this place out!:) I met up with Leigh and Joe moments before their first look, and the following photos are just some of the highlights from their day. Enjoy!


Bouman Stickney wedding-01Bouman Stickney wedding-02Bouman Stickney wedding-03Bouman Stickney wedding-04Bouman Stickney wedding-05Bouman Stickney wedding-06Bouman Stickney wedding-07Bouman Stickney wedding-08Bouman Stickney wedding-09Bouman Stickney wedding-10Bouman Stickney wedding-11Bouman Stickney wedding-12Bouman Stickney wedding-13Bouman Stickney wedding-14Bouman Stickney wedding-15Bouman Stickney wedding-16Bouman Stickney wedding-17Bouman Stickney wedding-18Bouman Stickney wedding-19Bouman Stickney wedding-20

I’ve been photographing twins Max and Luke since they were born, and every year I look forward to my time with them. They are adorable, outgoing, inquisitive, curious, affectionate, best friends, and overall pretty awesome. At four and a half! Their session was held at Bouman Stickney Farmstead, where I recently photographed a wedding and couldn’t wait to get back there to shoot some more. We lucked out and had one of those balmy fall days… the boys explored this new place, and I stalked them with my camera. Overall a great way to spend a glorious November afternoon. Here are my favorites. Enjoy!


Bouman Stickney photos-01Bouman Stickney photos-02Bouman Stickney photos-03Bouman Stickney photos-04Bouman Stickney photos-05Bouman Stickney photos-06Bouman Stickney photos-07Bouman Stickney photos-08Bouman Stickney photos-09Bouman Stickney photos-10

The bitchin’ Loews Hotel in Philadelphia, PA  was the scene for the main event of Aarthi & Samit’s wedding weekend this past October. 400+ attended this amazing wedding, which included Samit’s ridiculously fun baraat right outside the hotel at 13th & Market. How awesome it must be to close a street or two in center city Philly to dance with some of your favorite people! The traditional Hindu ceremony was followed by one of the most high energy dance parties I have ever photographed…it was one of those weddings where it was impossible to not have fun. I really enjoyed witnessing this tight knit community support our bride and groom by celebrating with them all day. (And I need to include a shout out to the delicious buffet of glorious Indian food.):) Enjoy this preview!


Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-01Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-02Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-03Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-04Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-05Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-06Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-07Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-08Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-10Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-11Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-12Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-13Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-14Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-15Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-16Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-17Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-18Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-19Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-20Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-21Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-22Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-23Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-24Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-25Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-26Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-27Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-28Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-29Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-30Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-31Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-32Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-33Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-35Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-34Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-36Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-37Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-38Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-39Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-40Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-41Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-42Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-43Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-44Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-45Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-46Loews Hotel Indian Wedding-47

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