Asbury Park Couples Session: Jayme & Carla

When Jayme first contacted me a few months ago about scheduling an engagement session, life was so very different for her and her (now wife!) Carla.  They are madly in love and were planning on a romantic elopement, but things drastically changed when Carla was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in September.  They quickly had a city hall wedding to make it official, and our session together was happening regardless of weather, as Carla was immediately starting chemotherapy and they were anxious to have photos taken before she lost her beautiful blond curls.  They spend a lot of time in Asbury Park and it was the perfect spot to spend the afternoon together, documenting their love and relationship.  I loved my time with these two amazing gals… their love for each other is palpable and their connection is a tight one. It certainly was quite an honor to photograph them at this point in their lives. We all had fun and really enjoyed the afternoon, and extended it by sharing some pizza at the Asbury Park staple, Porta Pizza.  Yum!  Best of luck to Jayme and Carla, may your journey ahead be filled with hope, optimism, good health, and lots of love. And pizza. 🙂


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