Stone House at Stirling Ridge Wedding: Gina & Jon

Holy crap this is a good one!!  Gina and Jon are two of a kind, and together they make one fantastic kick-ass couple.  I’m not going to write too much here, because I think their words below and the photos that tell their wedding story speak for themselves.  Enjoy!!

How they met: “All great love affairs start at 3AM in a bar right? Well ours did! We met in scenic Poughkeepsie, NY during Jon’s senior year at Marist College and Gina’s sophomore year. Legend has it that Jon’s dance moves were just too good that night and Gina didn’t stand a chance.Gina was actually looking for one of Jon’s friends and asked Jon where his buddy Ryan was. Jon said, “I don’t know where Ryan is, but I’m right here.” <— NICE

The proposal: “Gina and I took a trip to Iceland Memorial Day weekend 2015. The very first day of the trip we went on a pretty strenuous hike up to the site of the first Icelandic viking’s tomb, Hjörleifshaugur was the name of the dude. Pretty bad ass right?? Once I caught my breath and shimmy’ed the ring out of a crew sock, it was go time. We went with like 7 of our buddies from college so they were in on it. Best part was, when we got to the top of the mountain and I suggested we take a picture, Gina goes ‘ok, lets get this over with’. Then i dropped to a knee and popped the question. Our tour guide packed a couple bottles of champagne and it was epic.”

What’s next for you guys? “We’re most psyched about our honeymoon to Bali in late April. We both love to surf so it’s a dream destination for us. Other than that, we are heading to Mexico to surf. In between we will be living the west coast life in Santa Monica.”

Why did you choose your venue? “It’s funny, G and I wanted an outdoor, barn rustic type of place. Her parents wanted something a bit fancier. So we met in the middle and found The Stone House through a friend of ours who used to bartend there.”

Wedding day favorite moments: “First look, cruising in the VW, massive dance party with 180 of our closest friends, and a lot of tequila.”

Any advice for future couples planning their weddings? “Don’t take it too seriously. As long as the music is good, the food is decent, and the booze is flowing…everyone will have a good time.We have been having nothing but fun since we met in 2008 and our wedding day was no different. One thing I would say to other couples getting married is to take 3 times throughout their wedding day to just stop and take a look around and soak it in. Cheers!”