Terrain at Styers Wedding: Alicia & Alex

Meet Alicia & Alex! Their wedding was supposed to be a washout according to the weather guy, but thank the heavens (literally!) they were wrong again.  Terrain at Styers in Glen Mills, PA was the setting that day, and we all experienced a full range of emotions. From shy & quiet to sweet & sentimental, it all culminated in one of the best dance parties of the year!  When the dance floor got to be too small, this crew simply turned the speakers to the lawn and everyone danced their asses off outside under the stars.  Nice work, everyone!  As I like to do now, I am including their story, as told in their own words. Enjoy!

How they met: “We met at Amherst College in the beautiful Pioneer Valley. We lived in the same dorm freshmen year and took all the same classes. Junior year our best man pointed out that we had the same sense of humor and so Alex asked Alicia out on a date. Quickly it became clear that this was going to be a lasting relationship.”

The proposal: “We have been known to make videos of ourselves dancing to different pop songs and send them to friends inviting them to respond with a video of their own. Alex asked a group of our closest friends to film themselves dancing to Alicia’s then favorite pop song, Bruno Mars’ “Treasure”. He spliced the videos all together with everyone holding signs asking “will you marry me?” He surprised Alicia with the video late one night after she had worked an extra long shift as an intern. She came home exhausted, and I had already fallen asleep wearing my suit, but the smile on her face when I showed her the video made it all worth it. The following day her family came up to visit so we were able to celebrate with them, and we also made a “thank you” dance video of our own which was a blast.”

Why did you choose your venue? “Alicia found the venue Terrain online. I think it immediately caught her eye as having the right aesthetic as well as a low key and informal vibe that we were hoping for. It was also small and intimate and felt unique enough to match to our personalities.”

Wedding day favorite moments: The dancing turned out amazing. We definitely had high expectations which were exceeded thanks to our rowdy crew. They even decided to organically move the dance party outside under the cool fall stars for a beautiful finish to the evening.

Any advice for future couples planning their weddings? “Try to not stress over the little things, ask for help, and definitely recruit the input of your friends.”