Fall session with twins Max & Luke!

I’ve been photographing twins Max and Luke since they were born, and every year I look forward to my time with them. They are adorable, outgoing, inquisitive, curious, affectionate, best friends, and overall pretty awesome. At four and a half! Their session was held at Bouman Stickney Farmstead, where I recently photographed a wedding and couldn’t wait to get back there to shoot some more. We lucked out and had one of those balmy fall days… the boys explored this new place, and I stalked them with my camera. Overall a great way to spend a glorious November afternoon. Here are my favorites. Enjoy!


Bouman Stickney photos-01Bouman Stickney photos-02Bouman Stickney photos-03Bouman Stickney photos-04Bouman Stickney photos-05Bouman Stickney photos-06Bouman Stickney photos-07Bouman Stickney photos-08Bouman Stickney photos-09Bouman Stickney photos-10